Isabella Martinez

Pakistan: 26/11 conspirator Sajid Mir poisoned by ‘unknown’, Lashkar terrorist on ventilator

Isabella Martinez

‘Unknown people’ have killed another terrorist in Pakistan. Lashkar-e-Tayyaba terrorist leader Sajid Mir is on ventilator. He was poisoned by ...

Egypt and Turkey restore relations after a decade

Isabella Martinez

Ambassadors to Egypt and Turkey have been reappointed for the first time in a decade as relations have been restored. ...

Do not divide among yourselves, turn to Allah and the Messenger (peace be upon him) in times of disagreement, Hajj Sermon

Isabella Martinez

Sheikh Dr. Yusuf bin Muhammad bin Saeed, while delivering the Hajj sermon at Nimra Mosque in Arafat field, has said ...

America demands more peace from Pakistan

Isabella Martinez

Spokesperson of the US State Department, Matthew Miller, once again called for action against terrorists in Pakistan. During the media ...

Imagen de archivo de la Policía de Francia en protestas

More than 700 detainees and 45 police officers injured on the fifth night of protests in France

Isabella Martinez

The Minister of the Interior has described tonight as “quieter” due to the presence of the 45,000 mobilized police and ...

Agustín Pérez

The hypothesis of a Spanish engineer about the Titan tragedy: chronology and causes

Isabella Martinez

José Luis Martín is a merchant marine and worked as chief engineer on a tourist passenger submarine The submarine expert ...

Beatriz Palomar

Wagner boss’s connections to Russian military elite complicate Putin’s purge

Isabella Martinez

The failed mutiny Yevgeny Prigozhinand his Wagner mercenaries, has supposed the biggest threat to Vladimir Putin in his 23 years ...

Gonzalo Aguirregomezcorta

US feted India, avoids condemning Modi’s abuse of human rights

Isabella Martinez

Washington has preferred not to accuse New Delhi of what it does blame Beijing: of committing human rights abuses. The ...

Europa Press

The King of the Netherlands apologizes on the 160th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the country

Isabella Martinez

He King William-Alexander from the Netherlands has apologized this Saturday for the slavery practices of his country on the 160th ...

Salvador Martínez Mas

Kai Wegner, the first conservative mayor of Berlin this century, declares war on the woke movement

Isabella Martinez

Conservative politician Kai Wegner, the mayor of Berlin, says he will not sign any official document that is written in ...

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