Actor Vikram Mastal, admirer of Kamal Nath’s Chhindwara model, played the role of Hanuman in Ramayana

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Bhopal. Actor Vikram Mastal, who played the role of Hanuman in Anand Sagar’s Ramayana, lashed out at the state’s BJP government after joining the Congress in Chhindwara. Talking to the media at PCC, Vikram Mastal said that you must have seen big banner posters of development, you must have seen big advertisements, movies of development and nowadays you must be hearing big things about development. If you really want to see development, then look in Chhindwara. Because there is no talk of development in Chhindwara, it is shown through development. Talking to the media, Vikram Mastal said that he has decided to join the Congress after seeing the Chhindwara model of development.

Sharing his experience, he said that when I came to Chhindwara, I felt like I have come to a metro city. Whether it is about schools, hospitals, respect for tribal brothers and sisters, employment of youth or roads, Chhindwara is at the forefront in every matter.

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Said attack on BJP-Attacking the BJP, Vikram Mastal said that you all know that BJP has launched a new app, about which if you do not know, then I will tell you that it is a very amazing app, whose name is “Mukapp” which means There is silence. Any person who raises the problems of the general public, talks about their interest, an attempt is made to silence his mouth, whether he is a common man, a leader or an actor.

He told that there is a pond in my village in which cracks have also come and many canals are also raw for many years. When I told the concerned officer about this, get the dam repaired, every year a lot of water is wasted. If that water reaches the farmer’s field, then two paise will go to the farmer’s house. Lest it happen that the incident of breaking of Karam dam of Dhar should happen in our place too. But the officials did not listen to me. Someone told me to call the CM helpline, it is a big plan, I also called 181, the complaint kept going from one floor to another, from second to third floor, but my problem was not resolved. I was also pressurized to withdraw the complaint. When I did not withdraw the complaint, my number was blocked.

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Mentioned the IIFA Award-Vikram Mastal said that during the Kamal Nath government, when the IIFA Awards were coming to Madhya Pradesh, all the artists were very happy. We felt that a new sun is rising, there is someone in Madhya Pradesh who thought about us artists. When fellow artists in Mumbai-Hyderabad used to tell me that IIFA Awards are being held in your MP, my chest used to swell with pride.

He further told that IIFA is not just an award, through it film directors, producers from all over the country come here and invest crores of rupees in Madhya Pradesh. The beauty of the tourist places of Madhya Pradesh would have spread all over the world and people from all over the country and abroad would have come to Madhya Pradesh, which would have revolutionized the tourism sector. The artists here would have benefited a lot from this.

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Film being made on illegal mining of Narmada- Vikram Mastal said that a film was being made on Maa Narmada. When I traveled to Maa Narmada for the shooting of this film. I saw the manner in which illegal mining of Maa Narmada is being done, my heart was very sad to see this. Some people are attacking the identity of Mother Narmada, tearing her apart. Mother Narmada has been bled. Mother Narmada is not just a river, she is our mother, she is the giver of life. But some people are adamant on erasing that lifeline.

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