Another Russian ship will reach Pakistan on Tuesday with oil

Olivia Smith

After 10 days, another ship loaded with crude oil from Russia will reach Karachi port tomorrow.

According to details, the second Russian ship loaded with crude oil will come to Karachi port tomorrow, the ship named “Clyde Noble” is bringing 55 thousand metric tons of crude oil.

It should be noted that on June 11, 45 thousand metric tons of Russian crude oil reached Pakistan and was processed

At that time, according to the spokesperson of Karachi Port Trust, the first oil tanker of Russia reached the port of Karachi. 45 thousand one hundred and twenty two metric tons of crude oil has anchored at Karachi port, Russian oil tanker Pure Point has berthed at OP2.

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After the oil arrived, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said that I have fulfilled another promise to the nation, I am happy to announce that Russia’s first cargo of discounted crude oil has reached Karachi. We are moving step by step towards prosperity, economic growth and energy security and affordability. This is the first cargo of Russian oil for Pakistan and marks the beginning of a new relationship between Pakistan and the Russian Federation. I appreciate all those who have been part of this national effort and contributed to making the promise of importing Russian oil a reality.

Minister of State Mossadegh Malik while speaking in Samaa TV program said that soon another ship will bring crude oil from Russia, after which people will get great news and petrol will be cheap.

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According to the report of the British news agency Reuters, Mossadegh Malik said that Pakistan bought oil from Russia with the Chinese currency Yuan instead of US dollars.

Earlier, the Russian minister said that no special concession was given to Pakistan on the purchase of oil.

It should be noted that after the arrival of Russian crude oil in Pakistan, 10 containers of LPG gas arrived in Pakistan. The gas from Russia is transported by rail to the city of Hiratan in Uzbekistan, which is later supplied to Iran and Afghanistan. I also joined Pakistan.

Earlier, Russia had approved the export of rice to Pakistan for 15 mills.

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The Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance has confirmed to the Department of Plant Protection (DPP), Ministry of National Food Security and Research, Pakistan, that 15 more rices were found which were recommended after the technical audit of DPP, now. Can export rice to Russia. This is a great achievement towards boosting exports and the overall economy of the state.

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