Bullfighting, or the intelligence ceremony

  • Andrés Amorós presents his new book with 18 very different stories from bullfighters, from Marcial Lalanda to Andrés Roca Rey

  • The writer talks about the possible counseling in Valencia at the hands of the retired right-hander: “Whether or not Vicente Barerra is a bullfighter is an anecdote”

  • From the arena to politics: from “The Red Angel” to Vicente Barrera

Bullfighting is a ceremony, with its rites and times, a dance and a constant debate between art and deathbetween blood and color and, above all, between the intelligence of the bullfighter, the artist, the officiant, and the bull, the irrational nobility, which submits to this ritual not as a dedicated being, but as a fajador ready for anything.

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