Carmen Sevilla dies at the age of 92 after more than a decade suffering from Alzheimer’s

  • The artist had been admitted to the Fundación Jiménez Díaz Hospital since Sunday, where she was transferred after her health worsened

  • The singer and actress was one of the most beloved artists in Spain and had been removed from the public scene for more than a decade due to Alzheimer’s

  • Carmen Sevilla did not remember “who she was or anyone” for years

carmen sevilla has died at the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital in Madrid, where she was hospitalized after a sudden worsening of her state of health. This Sunday she was transferred there from the Aravaca geriatric residence, where she had resided since 2015. At that time all the alarms had already gone off, due to her history and her advanced age. This has been confirmed by the artist’s own son.

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