Case like SDM Jyoti Maurya in Jharkhand, husband taught, wife separated as soon as she became a nurse


The case of SDM Jyoti Maurya and Alok Maurya is going viral on social media since many days. People are debating about their marriage, husband Alok Maurya’s support and then divorce after Jyoti became SDM. There has been a flood of memes regarding both of them in social media. Now a new similar case has come to the fore in Jharkhand. Here a husband Kanhai Pandit, a resident of Sahibganj, has claimed that he taught his wife Kalpana and made her a nurse. But she has separated from him since becoming a nurse.

The wife had insisted on studies: This new case is of Boria block of Sahibganj. Kanhai Pandit was married to Kalpana in the year 2009. After marriage, Kalpana wanted to study and she told this to her husband Kanhai. Husband Kanhai said that his financial condition is not good, in such a situation it is difficult to study. But when Kalpana insisted to study, he agreed. Kanhai got his wife admitted in Shibu Soren Tribal College and completed her studies for 5 years. After this Kalpana said that she wants to do nurse training. For this, husband Kanhai took a loan of Rs 2 lakh and got admission in a nursing college in Jamshedpur and got two years of ANM training.

Kanhai drowned in debt: Kanhai has claimed that apart from this, he spent about two and a half lakh rupees on wife Kalpana’s education for two years, along with her stay, travel and copy books. He was completely in debt because of his wife’s studies and running the house. Meanwhile, wife Kalpana completed her training and joined Jumavati Nursing Home in Sahibganj as a nurse.

He went back after obeying his wife: On the other hand Kanhai, who was in debt, started doing tractor and other wages to repay the loan. He used to get 200-250 rupees daily, in such a way his wife Kalpana asked him how he would repay such a loan. He advised that one should go out and work somewhere. Kanhai liked the advice of his wife, because she was educated. By obeying his wife, he went to Vapi city of Gujarat to work as a labourer.

And the lockdown took place: In the year 2019, Kanhai went to Gujarat after obeying his wife and in 2020 there was a lockdown due to Corona. He wanted to come back home, but the wife refused saying what would you do after coming back here. In such a situation, he kept on filling his stomach during the lockdown. Kept paying the installments to repay the loan. Even in the second wave of Corona, Kanhai continued to work as a laborer in Gujarat.

House caught fire: Meanwhile, his wife Kalpana told him that there was a fire in the house. In which all the documents of the house have been burnt. When Kanhai returned after the incident, his wife’s behavior had completely changed. She mostly stayed out of the house in the name of duty. There was no relationship like husband and wife between them. One day suddenly she went to her maternal home with her 10 year old son. The contents of the house had already been taken away during the incident of fire. Kanhai alleges that now his phone is also getting switched off. He said in his complaint that he last talked to him on 14 April 2023. Kanhai has filed a complaint in the police station with all these allegations. The police is investigating the matter
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