Clearance from the government is required for participation in the ODI World Cup, PCB

William Johnson

The Pakistan Cricket Board has said that government clearance is required to participate in the World Cup.

It should be noted that earlier it was said by India that due to security reasons, the Asia Cup will be played at a neutral venue instead of Pakistan, after which Pakistan took a strong stance and said that if India does not come to play in the Asia Cup, then India does not exist. will go.

After the approval of the hybrid model of the Asia Cup, the first four matches of the Asia Cup will be held in Pakistan and the remaining nine matches will be held in Sri Lanka.

After the announcement of the official schedule of the World Cup by the ICC, the PCB has adopted its position that to participate in the One Day World Cup, the clearance of the government of Pakistan is required regarding the match venues and going to India. We will inform the event authority, ICC, of ​​any direction we receive from the side. The ICC was briefed on the occasion of the draft being sent for feedback.

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It should be noted that the ratings of the matches between Pakistan and India are the highest in the world, while India may have to bear a heavy loss due to the possible non-participation of the national team in the mega event.

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India’s largest stadium, Ahmedabad, will host the match between arch-rivals Pakistan and India on October 15. India will play all its round matches in the event at 9 venues while Pakistan’s matches in the league stage will be played at five venues.

The Pakistan team will play its first match in the event on October 6 against the qualifier team in Hyderabad while the second match is also scheduled against another qualifier at the same venue.

After that, the national team will face arch rivals India on October 15, while on October 20, they will face the challenge of Australia in Bengaluru. The Green Shirts’ next test will be against Afghanistan in Chennai on October 23, followed by Pakistan and South Africa on October 27.

In the World Cup, Pakistan team will play the seventh match against Bangladesh on October 31 and Bengaluru will host the match between Pakistan and New Zealand on November 4. The national team will play its final round match against defending champions England on November 12.

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Apart from this, in other important matches played in the event, New Zealand and Australia teams will face each other in Dharamshala on October 29, Australia and England will face each other in Ahmedabad on November 4, while New Zealand and South Africa will face each other in Pune on November 1.

Apart from this, the host Indian team will play its first match against Australia on October 8 in Chennai, while it will face the challenge of New Zealand on October 22 and England on October 29. The first semi-final of the tournament will be played on November 15 in Mumbai and the second semi-final on November 16 in Kolkata.

Like the opening match of the tournament, the final will also be hosted by the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad with a population of more than 200,000.

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