Doctors and epidemiologists, against the decision to completely withdraw the masks

  • “It is electoralist to the maximum, there are no epidemiological data that justify it or that are different from those of previous weeks,” they consider from the SEMG

  • The mask “is presented as a restriction on individual freedom, when it comes to a public health measure to protect ourselves from the risk of contagion and protect others”

  • “We trusted that we would be more supportive, but it has not happened”, so “these things cannot be left to the individual responsibility of each one”

It’s official. The masks disappear from their last redoubts: hospitals, health centers, dental clinics, physiotherapy centers and pharmacies. They were the only places where they were still mandatory, but this Friday, the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (which brings together Health and the CCAA) decided to end the mandatory nature of their use in those places.

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