Fashion: How to dress in rain, read 6 tips

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Monsoon Dressing Tips

Your Dress Up in the Rainy Season : The choice of clothes according to the season has always been considered to be perfect for both fashion and health. While choosing a dress or outfit according to every season, we must take some precautions according to our convenience. In the same way, you will be more comfortable if you choose clothes by keeping some precautions in rainy days.

Let’s know how to choose your dress in rain-

1 Nylon- Nylon fabric can prove to be quite comfortable in wet weather. This fabric is water resistant and heat generating. This cloth also has this feature, that it dries very quickly, so you can think about wearing it in the rain, but keep in mind that these clothes do not fit perfectly.

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2 cotton cloths- Cotton clothes can be worn in rainy days. During rainy days, the weather is very humid, and cotton clothes absorb the moisture. In such a situation, even if you get wet in light rain, there will be no discomfort or irritation due to wetness. But keep in mind that they do not dry easily after getting wet.

3 Chiffon- One positive aspect of georgette or chiffon fabrics is that these fabrics dry quickly and easily in heat or air after getting wet. But if these clothes get even a little damp or get wet, they can become transparent, and you will be bothered by the wetness. So choose this kind of clothes wisely.

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4 Floral print– Floral prints are very popular in rainy season. Because rain is the season of greenery and spring. In such a way, everyone likes the colorful style. So, definitely choose floral print dresses.

5 bright colors- In other seasons, bright colors may not look good, but in the rainy season, you can choose red, pink, yellow, light green. These bright colors are very popular in the rain.

6 matching scarves- In rainy days, with whatever clothes you wear, keep a matching or colorful scarf or dupatta with you, so that you can protect your hair, ears, and upper clothes. Primarily, this scarf will help you when the clothes get wet and become transparent.

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Apart from all these, the most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid wearing very tight or skin-fitting clothes in this season, because they become transparent immediately when wet. In such a situation, the chances of your body becoming visible increase and the risk of catching a cold also remains.

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