Footballer Jackson Singh, who carried the Meitei flag for the peace of Manipur, revealed

William Johnson

Jackson Singh, who was seen carrying the Meitei flag after India’s victory in the SAFF Championship Final, clarified his act, saying that he only wanted to draw people’s attention to the happenings in Manipur.

India defeated Kuwait 5-4 in the shootout in the final played on Tuesday night. Following the win, Indian footballer Jackson accepted the medal wearing the seven-coloured flag of Meitei, an ethnic group of Manipur, which attracted attention on social media.

Jackson clarified, tweeting, “Dear fans, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings by celebrating under this flag. I wanted to draw people’s attention to the problems my state Manipur is facing at present. ,

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He said, “Today’s victory is dedicated to all Indians. I hope peace returns to my home state Manipur. Thank you to all the fans for supporting the team by coming to the stadium today. ,

Earlier, Jackson had told the media after the match, “This is my Manipur flag. I just want to draw people’s attention to the incidents happening in my state. I want to tell people in India and Manipur not to fight and live in peace. ,

According to ESPN, he said, “I want peace. Two months have passed and the fight is still on. I don’t want more such incidents. I just want to bring the attention of the government and other people towards peace. My family is safe but there are many families who have suffered and have even lost their homes. ,

It is noteworthy that Manipur has been reeling under violence since May 2023. The violence is mainly taking place between the Meitei and Kuki communities.(agency)

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