‘Forget, forgive and move on..’, is all well in Rajasthan Congress now? Sachin Pilot gave hints

New Delhi. Sachin Pilot News update: A few months before the Rajasthan Assembly elections, senior Congress leader Sachin Pilot on Saturday gave a clear indication of moving ahead by forgetting the differences with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and said that collective leadership is the key in the elections. There is only way forward and all party leaders will fight unitedly.

Pilot also said in an interview to PTI that Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has told him to ‘forget, forgive and move on’ and Kharge’s suggestion to him is also a directive from the party president.

The former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan made this comment when Kharge and Rahul Gandhi held a meeting with Congress leaders of the state on Thursday last, in which it was decided to contest the upcoming Rajasthan assembly elections unitedly. After this meeting, Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal indicated that the Congress would not declare the chief ministerial face in the Rajasthan assembly elections.

Giving a clear indication of moving forward after ending the differences with Gehlot, Pilot said, “Ashok Gehlot ji is older than me.” He has more experience. He has huge responsibilities on his shoulders. When I was the state Congress president, I tried to take everyone along. I think that today he is the Chief Minister, so he is trying to take everyone along.

He said, “If there is some back and forth somewhere, it is not a big issue because the party and the people are more important than any individual. I also understand this and he also understands.

Referring to the recent meeting with the Congress leadership, Pilot said, “There was a meaningful, comprehensive and long discussion in the meeting.” How to fight and win the upcoming elections was discussed. For 25 years, there has been a continuous process of formation of BJP and Congress government in Rajasthan, we had a very good brainstorm on what we have to do to break this pattern. It will also bring good results.

On the question related to the Chief Minister’s face in the assembly elections, he said that it has been the tradition of the Congress for decades that the party does not declare its face before the elections.

He said, “For decades, the Congress does not contest elections by putting forward any one face in any state. I was the state president in 2018, we all contested the elections together. The decision taken by the party later is in front of everyone. We all will fight the elections together. After winning the election, a decision will be taken as to who should be given a chance. What is important at the moment is that we have to win the election.

To a question whether collective leadership is the only way forward in the elections, Pilot said, “It is the only way forward.” When I was the President of Rajasthan Pradesh Congress, I had said at that time that no one person can claim that he or she can do magic to win elections, it is always a collective effort.

What will be his role in the upcoming assembly elections, Pilot said it is for the Congress leadership to decide, but he will do whatever is possible to win the elections in Rajasthan.

When asked if his heart rests in Rajasthan and hence he wanted a role in the state itself, Pilot said, “Absolutely true.” I have never hidden this thing. I have been blessed by the people, workers, soil and voters there (Rajasthan). He is my biggest asset. I want to contribute whatever I can so that we form the government again.

He said, “We all fought together in 2018, the result came. Congress had come down to 21 seats in the 2013 assembly elections… At that time we worked together and got success. Therefore, I think that if we work together in the elections to be held in December 2023, then we will get the blessings of the people.

According to Pilot, Kharge has asked him to forget the past and move forward.

He said that Kharge ji told me to forget, forgive and move on, the time that has passed is not going to come again, challenges are in front of us. His words are a suggestion as well as an instruction as the president. He said that he believes what Kharge told him.

Pilot said that we have to move forward with positive thinking. We have to strengthen the organization, win elections. ”When asked about the relationship with Chief Minister Gehlot, he said that he has full respect for him and both understand that the party and the public are more important than the individual.

Pilot said that I have been in politics for 20-25 years. Anyone may have said anything to me, but my values, political thinking, which I have learned from my parents, I have not used such language against anyone, which I do not want to hear for myself. Words, terminology and comments should be done very thoughtfully. I have always worked within my limits. I speak frankly, but do not use words that I will regret later.

He said that if the election is fought together with a team spirit, then the Congress’s victory in Rajasthan is certain.

When asked about the effect of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the assembly elections, he said that BJP fought in the name of Modi ji in Himachal, fought in the name of Modi ji in Karnataka, what were the results? People have seen everything, tested, people have now understood, who is beneficial for them and who do politics of religion and give controversial statements. Pilot accused the central government of withholding state money and discrimination .

On the question related to the challenge of the Aam Aadmi Party in Rajasthan, Pilot said that there will be a contest between the BJP and the Congress in the state. Language Edited By : Sudhir Sharma

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