Inside a field hospital in Donbas, Ukraine: “In one day we have had more than 140 wounded soldiers”

Isabella Martinez

Dentro de un hospital de campaña del Donbás, en Ucrania: “En un día hemos tenido más de 140 soldados heridos”

Andrii takes off his bloody gloves. he just made an intervention on a wounded Ukrainian soldier. Rather, he just saved her life.. This 47-year-old Kiev is the surgeon at one of the most important field hospitals in Donbas, located just 10 km from the Bakhmut front. The day has only just begun, but here they know they can’t let their guard down. Patients can arrive at any time and giving a quick response is what determines their survival. “Shrapnel has pierced his back, but he has a good prognosis because we have quickly stopped the bleeding, plugged the wound and we have also given him a blood transfusion”, he explains about this last combatant lying on a stretcher and covered with an isothermal blanket. The ambulance, already prepared, awaits him outside to transfer him to a regular hospital.

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