Madhu going to make OTT debut with ‘Sweet Karam Coffee’, said this about her character

Sweet Karam Coffee: Recently Prime Video released the trailer of the much awaited Tamil Original Series ‘Sweet Karam Coffee’. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the audience regarding this. Now the show has received an overwhelming response from the audience, critics and industry stalwarts. This wonderful story is about three remarkable women from the same family, but spanning different generations.

They embark on an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure. What begins as a road trip, driven by the need to escape daily routine and break free from the societal rules that bind them, soon turns into a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Talking about the upcoming series and its moments in a recent interview, the lead actress Madhu mentioned, It is just like the title says, it is Sweet Karam Coffee. There are some wonderful cute moments and karam moments. You will enjoy Karam but it affects you differently then Coffee is just to calm down. This is a journey that the audience will also enjoy and feel a connection with.

While talking about finding relevancy with her character and her OTT debut, being right in the middle of three generations and representing in the show, she shares, “Where I am, I find myself right in the middle. I am a mother of two daughters of the same age as the show in real life, so they keep me grounded and they make me realize how different I am from them. My daughters keep me connected to today’s music, today’s language and today’s parenting.

“To be in touch with someone older than me and as an actor who is years my senior – I find myself right in the middle. There is much to give and take to the older generation. In the olden days, when I used to work, all the directors were much older than me and I was a newcomer who used to like them a lot.

Reshma Ghatala, the creative mind behind the series, has joined hands with Lion Tooth Studios Pvt Ltd for its productions. The series is directed by the talented trio of directors Bejoy Nambiar, Krishna Marimuthu and Swathi Raghuraman.

Ankit Piplodiya

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