Manipur Violence: Drones are helping the army in Manipur, but rioters are creating havoc with their help.

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On Vishnu. Manipur Violence: Technology is proving to be both a boon and a curse in the violence-hit state of Manipur. On the one hand, the Army and the Assam Rifles are using drones for relief and rescue operations, while on the other, ethnic groups are using quadcopters (drones) to target each other.

Officials said it has come to the notice of security agencies that the warring groups are using quadcopters to track each other’s position. He told that people of Meitei community are mostly using this quadcopter in Imphal valley whereas people of Kuki community are using them in hilly areas.

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Officials said these quadcopters are being used extensively in Phougakchao, Kangvi Bazar and Torbung Bazar in southwest Manipur where villages of both the communities are situated side by side and the security forces have prevented the two communities from fighting with each other. A ‘buffer zone’ has been created for

He said that despite the presence of security forces, Loibol in Senapati district and Leimaram in Bishnupur district continue to be hotbeds of violence.

Officials said the mistrust between the two communities has run so deep that they are using technology to keep tabs on each other. He informed that these quadcopters are easily available in the market and day or night continuous firing is being done by groups to bring down each other’s quadcopters.

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A quadcopter, often called a quadrotor, is an unmanned rotary-wing aircraft that can take off using four rotors. Each of these consists of a motor and propeller. Unlike conventional planes or helicopters, which rely on engines or tail rotors to fly, quadcopters have no such thing.

On the other hand drones are being used for relief and rescue operations by the Army and the Assam Rifles who have rescued around 2000 civilians in Kakching district of South-East Manipur. Language Sudhir Sharma

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