Millions of bees installed in a building frighten the residents of a Huelva urbanization

  • The bees have built their hive for a year under the cornice of one of the buildings of an urbanization in Isla Cristina

  • Neighbors say they “live in a jail” with the windows closed and the blinds down all day

  • Those affected have gone “everywhere” to try to find a solution that does not come from the administrations

“Already we can’t take it anymore this situation. We are desperate”. It is the cry they make fifty people who live in the VOSA urbanization, located on Carretera de la Playa, in the municipality of Isla Cristina, in Huelva. And all because for more than a year a hive of wild bees has settled on the cornice of one of the buildings and They roam freely around the compound.

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