More than 75% of medical stores, pharmacies were revealed to be running without qualified pharmacists

More than 75% of medical stores and pharmacies are being run without qualified pharmacists Dr. Syed Zafar Zaidi, CEO of Indus Hospital and Network, has said that more than 75% of medical stores and pharmacies are being run without trained qualified pharmacists in Pakistan. Qualified pharmacists are working in only 15% of pharmacies.

He expressed these views while addressing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) ceremony between Indus Hospital and Health Network and Farm Evo on Saturday.

President Indus Hospital and Network Dr. Abdul Bari Khan, CEO and Dean Indus University and Health Sciences Dr. Syed Zafar Zaidi, Chairman Premier Group Abraham Qasim, CEO of Pharmeo Haroon Qasim, Deputy CEO Syed Jamshed Ahmed, Indus K. Chairman Board of Directors Abdul Karim Paracha, Chairman Resource Generation and Partnership Committee, Board of Directors, Salim Tabani and Executive Director Syed Mashhood Rizvi were included.

According to the MoU, local pharmaceutical company Pharmavo will provide financial and technical resources for the construction of Ibn Sina College of Pharmacy, Indus University of Health Sciences in a new building at Indus Hospital Korangi campus.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Syed Zafar Zaidi said that more than 75 percent of pharmacies in Pakistan are being run without trained qualified pharmacists while only 15 percent of pharmacies are being provided by qualified pharmacists.

President Indus Health Network Dr. Abdul Bari Khan said that when he was starting the hospital, he thought that he would not build a medical college. Our best doctors go out after studying in medical colleges. Finding human resources is a difficult task. To run this institution, people who have pain in their hearts were needed. Pakistanis do charity as much as they do in Pakistan or outside Pakistan and no one does. Someone asked me how much India was affected by the expensive dollar, I answered them. There is no crisis with Daya Allah. Formivo’s generosity clearly shows that it will be a major milestone in establishing a world-class university in Pakistan.

Dr. Abdul Bari further said that Indus Hospital is proud to partner with Pharmivo and it is our vision to provide a quality education that not only produces quality doctors but also has a passion to serve the needy.

Chairman Premier Group Ibrahim Qasim appreciated Indus Hospital and Indus University of Health Sciences for promoting world class health education in Pakistan. They strive to build a healthy society by supporting institutions like Indus Hospital. Our effort is to spend in the way of Allah from the business group that Allah has given us. It is also important to spend on education in the way of Allah. What we have is a trust, we are its watchmen. .

He said that the name of this project is Ibn Sina to remember his Muslim heroes, Dr. Abdul Bari and his team planted the tree in the shape of the Indus, it has become a tree, the Indus is doing very well. , is completely cashless and paperless where patients are treated without referral.

He said that if the doctor prescribes the medicine and the patient does not get the correct medicine, then the purpose of the pharmacy is not fulfilled. Our purpose is to do ethical marketing strictly.

He said that high quality education will be given in Ibn Sina College of Pharmacy, admission will be strictly based on merit. Be a good Muslim and a good servant.

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