Now this umpire taunted Johnny Bairstow, said that the spirit of the game is remembered only when…

Criticizing the ‘hypocrisy and lack of consistency’ shown by some people over Jonny Bairstow’s controversial stumping in the recently concluded Test at Lord’s, former International Cricket Council (ICC) Elite Panel umpire Simon Taufel has said that when people If someone doesn’t like the way he is dismissed under the laws of cricket, he talks about ‘sportsmanship’.

After Bairstow’s controversial stumping in the second Ashes Test, people like England coach Brendon McCullum and captain Ben Stokes said it was not in the spirit of the game. Taufel wrote in a long post on ‘Linkedin’, “My experience is That when people do not like the way they are dismissed under the Laws of Cricket, they cite the spirit of the game to support their point of view.

He wrote, “Was Johnny Bairstow’s dismissal at Lord’s a violation of sporting spirit? Have you seen any umpire telling the fielding team that it is not allowed to attempt stumping while standing behind the wicket-keeper? Labushen) in the first innings in a similar manner. What did Jonny Bairstow say about his dismissal? He remained quite silent. Why?”

After Bairstow’s dismissal, Australia faced bad behavior from the spectators during the rest of the match. The spectators booed the visiting team and chanted ‘the same old Aussies, always the cheaters’.

The Prime Ministers of both countries, as well as many former and current players, expressed their views on the issue. Taufel wrote, “The hypocrisy and lack of consistency shown by some individuals and groups is quite interesting and worrying for the future of our game. Maybe I’m the only one with this attitude here. (Language)

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