Question the power again and again, don’t be its horn

Senior Journalist Sankarshan Thakur: Senior journalist Sankarshan Thakur said that a good journalist should question the authorities again and again. He should be kept an eye on. Journalist should never become a horn of power. Unfortunately, in today’s era asking questions has stopped.

State Press of Indore ‘reporter of news’ Addressing journalists in the program Sankarshan Thakur Said that change in journalism is a good thing, but these changes should be positive. The kind of journalism that is happening in today’s time, we have gone far away from ‘classical journalism’. Publishing the unrestrained talks of politicians is not journalism.

Explaining his point through an example, Thakur says that if a leader or minister has built a wall, he calls you to show it. His job is to show you the wall, but you must first kick that wall to see how strong it is. There is no scam in that. It is the job of the journalist to investigate all this.

Journalism Team Game: Thakur says that good journalism is not the work of a single person. This is teamwork. Someone prepares the news, someone designs it, and someone else does the work of making headings. We should not publish half-hearted stories. It is better not to print it at all. Fact checking is also the responsibility of the journalist. Write the truth and don’t be afraid of any action. However, do not write wrong, so that any action can be taken against you.

Thakur says that journalism comes from a process. The job of a journalist is to work on fact checking, contesting, history etc. A journalist should have a penchant for reading. He should read more and more. Journalism is a very responsible job.

Sankarshan Thakur

Write people’s stories: Raising questions on the journalism of big cities, Thakur says that sycophancy is happening in Delhi, not journalism. If you want to do journalism, you have to move out of the big cities and go towards the villages. Actually, the journalist has forgotten his responsibility. He has given up writing stories of the poor. The stories of leaders remain the same, their stories do not change, but every man has a story of his own. We should write their stories. Stories come not from leaders but from people. To write such stories, we have to hit the road, go to the villages.

Sarcasm on TV debate: Taking a dig at the debates on TV channels, Sankarshan Thakur said that a Maulvi and a Pandit are made to sit there and the tu-tu-main-main goes on the whole time. It all looks like a fish market. In fact, such programs have hijacked journalism.

Answering the questions of the journalists present in the program in the question-answer session, Thakur said that if you are honest, your intention is right, then you cannot create any pressure. Although money is needed to run newspapers and media institutions, in such a situation, there is definitely pressure from the government on the institution for advertisements etc. He said that a journalist should not be infatuated with power. If a journalist has an attraction for power, then he should leave journalism and do politics.

At the beginning of the program, the students of Mudra Group presented Ganen Vandana and Saraswati Vandana through an attractive dance under the guidance of Pallavi Sharma. The guest was welcomed by State Press Club President Praveen Khariwal and senior journalist Sanjeev Acharya.

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