Role of media is important in positive India: Prof. Dr. Sanjay Dwivedi

Jackson Brown

Talking about the media, Dr. Sanjay Dwivedi, Director General, Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, said that India is a unique nation, which was built through freedom struggle and cultural development based on the principles of diverse language, culture, religion, non-violence and justice. United by the rich history of India.

The spirit of mutual understanding amid a shared history has enabled a special unity in diversity, which emerges as a flame of Bharatbodh, which needs to be nurtured and cherished in the future.

The work of newspapers and media is to convey news, it is for public education, if there are some shortcomings in the society and the government, then it is to bring them to the fore. As much as the media has the right to criticize, equally it has the responsibility to bring positive news to the fore. In the past years, a large section of the media has actively adopted campaigns related to national interest and social interest, the country is experiencing its positive impact today.

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With the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, if the life and health of the poor and the villages of the country is improving, then the people of the media have also played a big role in this, rather I would say a commendable role. Today, if India is leading in the world in terms of digital payments, then the public education campaign launched by the media helped the country. You will be happy to know that India alone does 40% of the world’s business in digital transactions.

In the last 3 years during the Corona period, the way our journalist colleagues worked like a Karmayogi in the interest of the nation, that too will always be remembered. The positive contribution of Indian media helped India a lot in dealing with this biggest crisis of 100 years. Expressing the diversity and plurality of this country, the media can extract threads of unity in it.

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The strength of our country is that we come together quickly in times of crisis. But that feeling does not last as soon as the crisis is over. We have to establish this thing in the minds of the people that they are together in every situation and can walk together in good times. This is the feeling of unity. This is the connection that needs to be awakened.

This country is a country of rich tradition of moving forward through debates and discussions. For thousands of years we have made healthy debate, healthy criticism, correct logic a part of the social system. We have also had open healthy discussions on very difficult social topics. This has been the practice of India, which we have to strengthen.

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Amrit Kaal is giving us an opportunity to work towards building a strong, developed and inclusive India. Making good policies is one aspect for the development of any country. But, for policies to be successful and to ensure that large-scale change takes place, active participation is required from all sectors of society. For this media plays an important role.
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