Sanjeev Kumar wanted to become an actor since childhood, made a special identity in the hearts of the audience with his strong acting.

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Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar Birth Anniversary: In Bollywood, Sanjeev Kumar is remembered as such an actor, who created a special identity in the hearts of the audience with his strong acting. Born in a middle-class Gujarati family on 9 July 1938 in Mumbai, Sanjeev Kumar used to dream of becoming a hero in films since childhood. To fulfill this dream, he enrolled in Filmalaya’s acting school.

In the year 1962, he gave a screen test for the film ‘Aarti’ produced by Rajshree Production, in which he could not pass. Sanjeev Kumar first got a chance to work as a lead actor in the 1965 release film ‘Nishan’. From 1960 to 1968, Sanjeev Kumar struggled to make his place in the film industry. After the film ‘Hum Hindustani’, he went on accepting whatever role he got.

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Meanwhile, he acted in several B grade films like Smuggler Pati Patni, Husn Aur Ishq, Badal, Naunihaal and Gunahgaar but none of these films were successful at the box office. Sanjeev Kumar appeared in the role of a police officer in the film Shikar released in the year 1968. The film was completely focused on actor Dharmendra, yet Sanjeev managed to leave a mark of his acting. He also received the Filmfare Award for Supporting Actor for his strong acting in this film.

After the tremendous success of the film Toyya released in the year 1970, Sanjeev Kumar made his own identity as a hero. He was awarded the National Award for Best Actor for his excellent performance in the film Dastak released in the year 1970 itself. The audience got to see a new dimension of his acting in the film ‘Koshish’ released in the year 1972. It was a big challenge for any actor to play the role of a dumb person in this film.

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Sanjeev Kumar’s acting talent was such an example of telling everything to the audience without speaking dialogues, only with eyes and facial expressions, which hardly any actor could repeat. He was awarded the National Award for Best Actor for the second time for his excellent performance in this film.

To avoid monotony in acting and also to establish himself as a character actor, Sanjeev Kumar introduced himself in various roles. In this sequence, he did not hesitate to play the father-in-law of film actress Jaya Bhaduri in Ramesh Sippy’s superhit film Sholay released in 1975. Although Sanjeev Kumar played the hero in Koshish and Anamika with Jaya Bhaduri before the film Sholay.

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Sanjeev Kumar has been awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Actor twice. This great artist, who made a special identity in the audience with his strong acting, said goodbye to this world on 6 November 1985.

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