Study on 232 species of birds revealed, once 90 percent birds were faithful, now breaking up like humans

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birds break up

Global warming and birds: Usually human couples in love are called ‘love birds’. Perhaps love birds are considered a symbol of love. But if the news of breakup starts coming between the birds then what will it be called. Yes, like humans, cases of estrangement, rift in relationships, separation or breakup are coming to the fore in birds too.

The special thing is that here also the infidelity of male bird is also one of the reasons. For many reasons birds are getting divorced from their partners and are looking for new partners. We are not saying this, but a research is claiming this. Researchers from Germany and China have published this research in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society.

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were once faithfulno longer : Until now, it has been believed that 90 percent of the bird population was such that it lives with the same partner throughout its life. But now there are many species which are moving forward leaving the old relationships and looking for new relationships. That is, earlier many species used to be loyal, but now this is not happening. Now with time like humans birds are also moving on. This claim has been made in the research done on 232 species of birds in China.

Research done on 232 species: Research says, cases of separation are coming in long distance birds. Birds are reaching from one place to another by covering a distance of thousands of kilometers, in such a situation, there is separation from the partner on return. The reason for this is the human being. This has been revealed in the research done on 232 species of birds in China. Researchers from China’s Sun Yat Sen University, who conducted research, claim that the rate of break and divorce is much higher in birds traveling long distances. These are birds that move twice a year from one place to another for food and breeding.

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Why birds are getting divorced: Actually, researchers say that their research has revealed that birds are looking for new partners leaving their old partners. One reason for this is the male bird having more than one partner and the other reason is long distance migration.

Actually, forests are being cut. Due to humans, the level of carbon-dioxide is increasing worldwide. New cities are coming up. This is affecting the life of birds. There is a change in their breeding and eating place. Scientists also call it behavioral divorce.

Global warming is also a reason: According to Dr. Samantha Patrick, an expert in Marine Biology at the University of Liverpool, incidents like breakup are happening due to migration, along with this, due to climate change, the timing of migration can also be disturbed accordingly. Moreover, the heat is also affecting the birds. Due to the seasonal change, their ability and mentality to fly and breed is being affected.
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