The moment when Shah Rukh Khan danced with Farhan Saeed


Pakistani singer Farhan Saeed while giving an interview to Indian media said that at a party Akshay Kumar asked him to sing Halka Halka Sarwar, to which Shah Rukh Khan danced.

Indian media British India While giving an interview to Pakistan’s famous singer Farhan Saeed, he shared his experience of staying in India. He said that he was invited to a private party on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Indian TV show Aap Ki Adalat. Which they accepted. Farhan said that Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan were also present in this party. Akshay Kumar asked me to sing Hala Hala Sarwar. I picked up the mic and started singing with my eyes closed, when I opened my eyes Shahrukh Khan was dancing with me. Farhan told Indian media in an interview that Shah Rukh Khan is a very good person.

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He said that I hugged Shah Rukh Khan and invited him to come to Pakistan. The Pakistani singer and actor said that I told Shah Rukh Khan to come to Pakistan, many people want to see you in front of them. He told that Shah Rukh Khan is really Shah Rukh Khan. He started dancing with me. Recalling the past days, Farhan said that it was really a beautiful evening.

Farhan said during the interview that Pakistani dramas are based on reality in which social problems are highlighted. While Indian dramas are the opposite. Indian dramas consist of 450 episodes that are not related to reality.

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During the interview, Farhan said that when he was doing a concert in India with Jal Band. So he sang the famous Pakistani song Dil Dil Pakistan on stage.

Seeing him sing this song, his music team was worried. However, Farhan won the hearts of the audience by singing Jaan Jaan Hindustan with Dil Dil Pakistan.

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