The Spaniard who chairs the Titanic Foundation: “Dives must be prohibited, we must not go back down any more”

Isabella Martinez

Agustín Pérez

His fascination with the ‘ship of dreams’ led him to create the Titanic Foundation in 2006 and he has chaired it ever since. The Galician journalist Jesús Ferreiro is one of the people who knows the most about the ocean liner in the world. Now 60 years ago he began to investigate the ‘unsinkable’. He interviewed several survivors and became close friends with one of them, Millvina Dean, whom he accompanied on her last three birthdays. When he talks about the ship, the emotion and passion he feels for the British ship can be seen. But precisely for this reason, what happened with the Titan submersible has filled him with indignation. “The passion for the Titanic does not justify the madness of going down with that device,” he explains to BUZZCLIFF. “They are whims of millionaires, who want to take the photo to show it to their friends.”

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