These ways to drink water will make you look 25 in your 40s

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how to drink water to look younger

how to drink water to look younger

how to drink water to look younger

You must have seen Malaika Arora, Shilpa Shetty and Anil Kapoor many times on TV. Along with acting, these people are also popular for their fitness. The age of these actors/actresses is above 40 years, but even today, their age cannot be guessed by looking at them. As we age, we start to experience skin aging problems that make us look older and tired. Due to aging, the glow of our skin also decreases. But you can change all these problems just by your drinking habits. Water is very important for your skin. Drinking water in the right way makes your skin glow and also relieves the problem of skin aging. Let’s know the right way to drink water that will make you young……….

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1. Do not drink water after eating: Many people have a habit of drinking water immediately after eating or while eating. Let us tell you that you should not drink water immediately after eating. By doing this, the food is not digested properly. Due to lack of proper digestion, your skin starts having acne and skin aging problem. So drink water only 15-30 minutes after eating food.

how to drink water to look younger

2. Drink lukewarm water: For healthy skin and body, you should drink water every morning on an empty stomach. This increases your body’s metabolism. At the same time, your body is detoxified which increases the glow on your skin. Due to the increase in metabolism, the fat on your face is also reduced.

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3. Do not drink water standing up: Right people think that drinking water while standing causes pain or problems in the knees. Let us tell you that no proof of this has been released yet. But by drinking water while standing, the water goes directly into your stomach. This affects your kidneys and liver. Kidney and liver problems can cause you many skin related problems. So sit down and drink water comfortably.

4. Cold water: Many people prefer to drink only cold water. Cold water quenches our thirst quickly. But cold water is bad for your health. Cold water does not digest food properly. Also, your body temperature is not balanced. So drink plain water only.

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5. Drink more water: In order to look young at the age of 40, it is necessary to drink more water. Drinking more water will keep your skin hydrated so that you will not have the problem of wrinkles. Also, your skin will glow. Try to drink more water.

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