To divert attention from the issues, the government put the googly of UCC: Sachin Pilot

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Uniform Civil Code : Amid the raging debate over Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in the country, senior Congress leader Sachin Pilot has said that talking about it without any concrete proposal is like shooting arrows in the air and the government has tried to divert attention from issues related to the public. Googled this for.

Pilot also alleged that the government has not yet come out with any proposal or blueprint regarding the UCC, but is using it as a political tool.

Asked about the debate on UCC and Congress’s stand on it, he said, “What is Uniform Civil Code, whether any bill has come, whether any proposal has come, whether any blueprint has been prepared, I don’t know.” Different people, different parties, different religious leaders are giving their opinion in the name of UCC.

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The former deputy chief minister of Rajasthan asked, what is the proposal of the government, what is the standing committee of the parliament saying, has any bill come in the parliament, what is the definition of UCC? Pilot said that talking about UCC without any concrete proposal is like shooting arrows in the air.

Ignorant who opposes UCC, Aniruddhacharyaji said in Meerut – Love Jihad and religious conversion are not a part of Indian culture

The Congress leader said, they (government) have put a googly, now keep discussing on it, keep arguing. No one knows anything about any proposal. Pilot alleged that the central government deliberately works to divert attention, so that there is no discussion on inflation and other issues related to the public.

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Amartya Sen said – UCC is a difficult issue, related to the concept of Hindu nation

He said, I understand that if any underprivileged, be it a man or a woman, is to be given rights or dignity, property rights, empowerment, then who can object, but There is no blueprint, only political tools have been used.

PK opposed UCC, said – Golwalkar was not even in support of it, results will be bigger than Ayodhya and Article 370

The UCC is meant to enforce uniform law on marriage, divorce and succession. When implemented, it will apply to all citizens of the country. The law shall not discriminate on the basis of religion, caste, community or local customs. The Law Commission has sought public opinion on the UCC.
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