What is the crime of Jyoti Maurya being SDM?


UP PCS officer Jyoti Maurya: The wheel of time is changing very fast. When a female SDM left her husband, the male society started to riot. The media found this to be sensational news that could be sold to viewers and readers. Filmy-style bulletins were produced for TRP and anecdotes made newspaper headlines. A lot of memes also went viral on social media.

Some such videos have gone viral in which a woman sitting on the floor is humiliating her husband and the language of that woman is definitely offensive, but the face of the woman is blurred in that viral video. The SDM woman called this video fake, her husband also did not confirm it till now, but Bhim Army protested and filed a complaint alleging the use of casteist words.

The case is of Uttar Pradesh PCS officer Jyoti Maurya. Jyoti was married to Alok Maurya from Prayagraj in 2010. Jyoti was doing her graduation at that time. After marriage, she prepared for the competitive examination while staying at her in-laws house and got selected in UP PCS in 2015. Her husband says that he provided every facility for his wife to study and become an officer. He paid the expensive fees of his coaching by taking a loan without his status. But now she wants to divorce because a third person has come in the middle.

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About divorce: It is going viral on social media that SDM Jyoti’s husband is alleging that he was caught red-handed in a hotel along with an officer posted as Home Guard Commandant in Ghaziabad. The term ‘catch red-handed’ is also objectionable here. If she went to a hotel to drink tea or have a meal with a person, then it is permissible to cast blame on what mountain broke or just that. Alok should also not forget that he is currently an administrative officer and such restrictions cannot be imposed on him. Then is it a matter of mental level which has led both to the stage of divorce.

Fake marriage: Relationships based on lies cannot last long. Something similar happened in this story. At the time of marriage, Alok was described as a village development officer, later it was found that he is a class IV sanitation worker in the village panchayat. Jyoti’s father, who supports the family by running a small shop, says that the bridegroom had deceived Alok by placing the village panchayat officer in front of Alok in the marriage card.

According to the information received, Jyoti Paksha also alleges that Alok is demanding 50 lakh rupees and a house in lieu of divorce. Jyoti is also accusing Alok of leaking private chats. However, officially, Jyoti has said that she will not give any statement to the media on this issue. Jyoti, a mother of eight-year-old twin daughters, describes it as a very private matter and says that it is a matrimonial case. I will say whatever I have to say in court. However, this film style story is giving people a taste like tea dumplings in the rainy season.

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Stories like this in the headlines: Now the social impact stories of this domestic matter are also being widely circulated in the media. A newspaper even counted that 135 such cases have come to light, in which the young men stopped their wife’s studies after reading or listening to the news of this incident.

However, in the changing times, such cases also come to light in which even after 25 years of marriage, when the children are settled, people have no hesitation in ending the relationship. Then, why is there so much regret in this case? The reason for this is that the wife is an official or the male society is changing its mind by seeing the opportunity.

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When a man leaves a woman, his wife never says why he spent all day and night in making her. They consider it their duty. The question is not raised in the society that why left? The in-laws say that it was very useless! Maybe after doing all the housework, he studied day and night in the remaining time. Maybe even after hearing the in-laws’ taunts, he did not quit his studies. Therefore, instead of saying something, the in-laws must have remained silent.

Jyoti Maurya registered the case: According to the information received, SDM Jyoti Maurya has registered a case against her husband Alok Maurya and his family members in Dhoomanganj police station of Prayagraj. However, no official statement has been received yet.

‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Phir Beti Maryaho’, with a suitable groom. So that it is not the turn of the in-laws to study and the bride does not leave the in-laws house. Girls should study and make a career according to their aspirations before leaving their motherland and then think of marriage. This seems necessary because words like female identity seem non-existent even in today’s society. The question arises that Jyoti’s SDM is also a crime!

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