What will work-from-home workers look like in 70 years, dire warning

Since the days of Corona, the most important term “Work from home” has been known to almost everyone.

Work from home meant that there are many of us who go to offices and work but due to Corona, going to offices was creating a difficult situation to mix with each other, so the same work at home. Work from home was declared to be done while staying.

Due to the lockdown in the days of Corona, almost all the work started to be done from home around the world, and it also increased due to the innovation of internet and online work and it became easier to work from any corner of the world. .


But it has many effects which are being researched now. Recently, a company that manufactures furniture for work has tried to find out what are the effects of working from home on our body, what can be the shape or condition of our body for 70 years. .

For this purpose, a 3D model named “Anna” was presented.

According to this study by the Anna Co Furniture at Work team at the University of Leeds, one-third of UK freelancers do not have a work space at home. They have to work despite not having adequate space at home.

The effects of working from bed were also seen in this study. The signs of hunchback have appeared due to slouched shoulders and back, due to constant staring at the screen, the eyes have become red and swollen. Due to prolonged use of the computer mouse, his fingers became like claws. Weight gain. Insufficient fresh air. Due to anxiety and depression, a weak immune system was also affected.

But there is a solution, if some precautions are taken, it can possibly be avoided. Brian Clark, founder of United Medical Education, says that remote workers need to take regular breaks to stretch and move their bodies to avoid back and neck pain.

Creating a workspace with comfortable furniture is also important to set clear boundaries between work and personal time.

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