Why did Shaista Lodhi feel disrespected by interviewing Shahid Kapoor?

Shaista Lodhi said that at one time she was a big fan of Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, she also mentioned about doing an interview with the Bollywood actor.

Programs of Sama limit I am a Pakistani morning show host and actress Shaista Lodhi Be a guest. The host of Hada Kardi during the show Momin Saqib Shaista Lodhi from her Bollywood crush Shahid Kapoor Asked about On which Shaista Lodhi told that there was a time when she liked Shahid Kapoor very much. Meanwhile, when she was hosting a morning show, she was told that she had to interview Shahid Kapoor.

polite Lodhi said that he prepared a lot for interviewing Shahid Kapoor. Prepared questions, prepared clothes, but they had to take that interview in Dubai. Shaista said that for the interview, she had her hair styled at a salon in Dubai, so the hair stylist there styled her hair in a local style. Shaista said that because she does not do much styling on her hair, she herself was surprised to see her look, but the hairstylist encouraged her by saying that she looks good. Shaista also said that she was nervous when she arrived to interview Shahid Kapoor with her same look. Meanwhile, Bollywood actors were given t-shirts during the break to autograph the t-shirts to give to the viewers of the program. Shaista said that when Shahid Kapoor was signing these T-shirts, he asked me whose picture it was. “It’s mine,” said the morning show host. Shaista said that once Shahid would see me and then he would see my picture on the T-shirt. Shaista said that Shahid Kapoor told her that you look very different because of the straight hair and current hairstyle. Shaista said that I was disrespected like this. Shaishta admits that as much as I was excited to interview Shahid, hearing Shahid’s comment left me half out of breath.

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