X-ray of the Luis Lorenzo case: from the scientific evidence to the suspicions of the Civil Guard

  • A first forensic report determined that María Isabel Suárez died from the accumulation of heavy metals

  • However, toxicology experts doubted almost from the first moment of poisoning as the cause of death.

  • In parallel, the Civil Guard reports conclude the couple’s alleged interest in profiting from the deceased

It was June 3, 2022 when the National Institute of Toxicology posted a study on social networks that went virtually unnoticed. The document provided the conclusions of a study on the recirculation of heavy metals in the body after death. still today, the message has only two “retweet” and one “like”, but it was the first major change of course in the investigation about the death of Maria Isabel Suarez, the 85-year-old woman who died in Madrid in June 2021 and for whom both the actor Luis Lorenzo and his wife were arrested a year later, on suspicion of having poisoned her.

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